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Avoid data loss

My drive is fine, I just deleted a file permanently by mistake!

Again, there is a good chance that you will be able to get your file back and avoid data loss, but before reading any further I strongly suggest that you close any unnecessary programs that are open and stop any services that aren’t vital.

OK, now for an explanation, your file is probably still on your hard drive its just that your operating system has removed the location of the file from its memory so to speak. So the space that the file is using becomes available for other files, if nothing has been saved in that space yet, you should be able to get your lost data back, bad news is you’ll need to get software to get it back.

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Can you save my drive ?

Help! My hard drive has crashed, what can I do?

Slow down and take a deep breath, there is a good chance you can get your data back. Thousands of people have already experienced the frustration that you are feeling now. The good news is there is hope out there, if your hard drive has become corrupted because of a virus, file structure corruption or even bad sectors, your problem may simply be solved by getting some software that has the ability to read your corrupted disk.

Whether it be your hard drive, a CD or one of the other multitude of data stores out there, we have plenty of data recovery software packages, which one is right for you depends on what you need. The good thing is that removal using data recovery software is very affordable, but you shouldn’t try it yourself. Let a data loss Thailand expert like Save My Drive do it for you.


HD damaged

My hard drive is definitely physically damaged, I’m going to need an expert.

Now’s the time to evaluate how much the data on your disk is worth. Data Recovery Services are sometimes expensive, but for a reason. A huge amount of expertise is needed and very specialised equipment is used to retrieve your data. We can can perform miracles, sometimes succeeding in getting data off drives that have been smashed or even burnt by fire!

Is it possible that you may not be able to recover the data I want?

Although we’d love to say that “No” the truth is that sometimes data on severely damaged drives cannot be recovered. This usually occurs when the hard disk’s read/write heads actually collide with the storage media often scratching and scraping it.

However, and in a limited number of cases, recovery is sometimes possible provided we get the drive at the time the damaged first occured.

Please remember one golden rule about Data Recovery, “if hardware fails it needs hardware to fix it”. No amount of software cures can repair the damage and if tried can ultimately make recovery impossible.

Should I attempt to recover my data by using commercially sold data recovery tools?

There are a lot of very good utilities out there that provide excellent preventive maintenance and they can even fix some minor problems, but at the same time, and in the case of extreme corruption, they can make the data unrecoverable.

If you are set on attempting to recover the data on your own at least make sure that the utility allows you to save an “undo” file. (this is a record of what changes the utility has made to your drive)

Should your attempt fail, and you have decided to let the pros handle your recovery, send us a copy of that file along with your drive.

The best advise we can give you is not to attempt a recovery by yourself. Let the experts at Save My Drive handle it. If your data can be recovered using a software solution then our price will usually be less than the cost of purchasing a good utility.

Please note: If your drive is making unusual sounds, please DO NOT attempt to use any type of utility software. Unusual sounds eminating from the drive usually means a damaged head mechanism. That’s a hardware problem and it requires a hardware solution. Send your drive to us for a professional recovery in our CleanRoom.

What is a CleanRoom ?

A CleanRoom is like the operating room of a hospital. Its an environment where airborn particles, temperature, and humidity are controlled. Using a HEPA (High Effeciency Particulate Air) filtering system, a CleanRoom can maintain less than 100 paticles not larger than .05microns in each cubic foot of air space. This system enables us to control static and magnetic charges which can seriously damage electrical equipment.

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