Data recovery tips

Here his some good practice you can follow to avoid data loss.

Preventing data loss

  • be carefull if you have to move your computer or manipulate your hard drive. Hard drive are sensible to dust, static discharge and impact
  • use a firewall and a powerfull antivirus to avoid virus infection, who can lead to data loss
  • use an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for preventing your system against power cut
  • ensure having a backup before upgrading your system


We strongly advice you to make regular backups of your data.

  • use an automatic backup software
  • ensure your backups can be backed properly
  • keep at least one of your backup in a safe place (not in the same place than data themselves)

In case of data loss

Even if you follow all the previous guidelines, you are not completely shielded from data loss. In that case, there is some tips to follow :

  • Data recovery tipsif your drive makes unusual sound (tapp, scrap, click…), do not attempt to recover your data with a software. Unusual sounds usually means a damaged head mechanism. That’s a hardware problem and it requires a hardware solution. Send your drive to us for a professional recovery in our CleanRoom.
  • shut down your computer and power it down, to avoid further damage