Data Recovery Pricing

Our money back guarantee !

Save My Drive like many of the other data recovery outfits out there has a data recovery guarantee. Unlike those other enterprises our guarantee ensures our customers that they will get our best effort to retrieve their data. It’s a virtual Money Back Guarantee.

Data recovery priceSo how can we offer a money back guarantee? It is really very simply. Before the evaluation process you tell us which data are the most vital to you. Then during the evaluation process we can determine how much and what data can be recovered. If we believe that the target data can be successfully recovered we will proceed with the data recovery process. Once we have begun the recovery process the onus is on us to attempt to recover the targeted data no matter how long it takes or how hard we need to work. Should we fail to do so, or we retrieve only a small part of the target data, you will not be charged for our attempts. This ensures that we do our utmost to retrieve your vital data. If by chance we recover all the data on the damaged media, except the target data you specified, again, you will not be charged.

After we have retrieved your vital data we will perform a series of quality tests on the recovered data to test its integrity. Should any of the tests fail or your data is unreadable, you don’t pay. In other word Your Data or No Charge. Save My Drive stands behind this motto 100%.

Often times our competitors say the same thing or attempt to say the same thing but their guarantees only covers you if they cannot retrieve any data from the damaged media. If they recover any part of the damaged media you will be charged regardless if this data is of use to you or not. Or they may recover your specified data but it may not be readable. Here too you will be charged. So please be very weary of other Money Back Guarantees.

Save My Drive is one of the few data recovery experts which actually publishes its data recovery price policy and stands behind its work. There are no hidden extra charges. Once we have quoted you our price for the recovery it’s final. Rest assured that with us you will never be charged with the amount of data we recover. In fact you are only charged if we successfully recover the data you specify and the data is intact and useable.


Price & Procedure

  • Priority Service (Thailand Only)
  • You call us and explain your problem.
  • We will assign you a QTN number and arrange to either pick up your damaged media or have you deliver it to us along with a 2500 Baht ($80 USD) non refundable deposit. This is a handling fee not an evaluation fee. Messenger service is available at an extra charge.
  • We will perform an evaluation. Usually takes 3-5 days depending on our work load.
  • We will then call you and give you the exact cost of the recovery. We will subtract from this price the deposit you already paid.
  • Should you agree to our price, we will then proceed with the recovery. Should you cancel at this time or at anytime after you have sent in your drive we will return the drive to you minus the deposit.
  • Most recoveries take 5-7 days. When your drive is ready we can arrange to either send it back to you or have you pick it up.
  • Should we fail to recover the data you specify there is absolutely no charge to you.
  • All jobs are processed on a “first come first serve” basis. Typical price for a 100-500 Giga-byte Hard Drive is between 8000 Baht($260 USD) to 80,000 Baht($2600 USD).
  • All jobs are electronically entered into our database. Once you have agreed to our price, we will assign you a user name and password and you can check your drives progress online.

Quality Assurance

Save My Drives ultimate goal is your satisfaction. For that reason we dedicate ourselves to perform our very best in all of our data recovery projects. It is this dedication that enables us to offer you, our client not just only our Your Data or No Charge guarantee but also our Quality Assurance guarantee.

Save My Drive and its network of qualified expert partners has access to CleanRooms.(see F.A.Q. section for definition) It is there that the processes of opening the physical drive takes place. It is also there that we can replace some of the microscopic parts required to make the drive accessible again. Almost all of the hard drive manufacturers recognize our expertise in the field, and therefore do not invalidate drives which are opened up by us and are still under warranty. Save My Drive, uses only specified original replacement parts. This is our quality assurance guarantee to you, our customer

Data recovery pricing