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Safecoms Internet Security Solutions ThailandSave My Drive, a company based in Bangkok, Thailand, is part of the SafeComs Group. A group dedicated to providing its customers the very best Internet Security Solutions in Thailand. Our speciality as part of that group is data recovery.

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is “What’s my data worth to me?” From that point forward we can be of help to you.

Save My Drive ThailandBusinesses today spend aggressively on IT Technologies, just to get their business on the Internet bandwagon, and to make sure that they do not get left behind in the Internet gold rush. However, with the rush many of them will tend to overlook one of the most important factors that’ll continue to protect their investment; that is the security of their business network and data.
Failure to take measures to prevent such potential attacks whether within or from outside the organization can most definitely result in tremendous loss to any organization.

Recognizing this issue, SaveMyDrive.com with its partner, SafeComs, have met the challenge to develop long-term resolutions to help enterprises protect their network, data and ultimately their business investments.

Together we are one of the leading providers of Data Back Up, Virus Protection, Firewall and Virtual Private Network solutions including vulnerability assessment, intrusion prevention, Data Recovery, and many more security based solutions to enterprise and service providers around the world.

savemydrive.comApart from our varied technologies and solutions, we also believe in rendering the most efficient customer service. It is our belief that customer service and quality systems are the key to growth, success and differentiation from our competitors. We want to be recognized for our total professionalism.

We strive to please our customers by exceeding their expectations. It is our aim to build long term relationships with customers and assist in their success, by enhancing their competitiveness and productivity.

Now that’s the challenge for us. However, what’s the challenge for many of you who have already invested heavily in your businesses today? What’s your Data worth? If data security or data recovery matters are the major concern for your business, then we encourage you to talk to us today!